Gaming News: GLV Daily Digest for Jul 24, 2014 [Video]

Exciting day for gamers, with GOG adding Linux support to 50 of their games and new Titanfall enlargement earnest in-game credits, black marketplace, daily hurdles and other updates. More...

Roko’s Basilisk: Terrifying Thought or Toothless Meme?

Is Roko’s basilisk a terrifying suspicion or a toothless meme for nerds and techies? What if an synthetic comprehension of tomorrow could impact people who are not operative More...

Facebook Swindlers Utilizing MH17 Crash for Fraud

Swindlers are holding advantage of nonetheless another travesty, utilizing not usually Facebook, though Twitter as well, regulating mistake pile-up footage from MH17 for rascal More...

Super Comboman Review

At initial glance, Super Comboman looks like a kind of normal transformation platformer that overwhelms Steam’s front page. But it isn’t. Rather, it’s bad, and intermittently More...

Unrest Review

In many games where conversational choices purpose tract progression, success is mostly guided by a element of challenging Western morality. Choosing a venerable response sends More...

CBS Keeps Stephen Colbert in Ed Sullivan Theater–Because They Own It

Laughing during a press recover currently from CBS per Stephen Colbert. Yes, his Late Show will sojourn during More...

“Fifth Beatle” Peter Asher Thrilled for Linda Ronstadt’s Medal of Freedom

Peter Asher– a male who detected James Taylor, started Apple Records with a Beatles, was Paul More...

6 ways to assistance your baby make friends or socialize

Children are active and companionable by nature, yet there are times when we will need to...

10 ways to tell if your child is being bullied during school

Bullying is a counsel act in that a child exerts appetite and control over another child...

5 common prophesy problems your child could humour from

Being a primogenitor is a tough job. While it has a possess rewards, caring for your...

Exclusive: Scarlett Johansson’s Baby Is A Girl, Set for Labor Day Delivery

Exclusive: Scarlett Johansson has a bustling second half of a summer. Her film “Lucy” opens More...

“Spider Man” Surprise as Sinister Six Moves Before “Amazing 3″: Andrew Garfield Gone?

That might be it for Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. Sony done a extraordinary proclamation today. “The Sinister Six” is a..

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer: “Of Human Bondage” (Watch Video) Featuring New Version of Beyonce Song

Here’s a trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey,” entrance Valentine’s Day 2015. Fans will be tied adult that weekend during their..

The Bridge Episode Three: Sex and Death Continue (Recap/Review)

*May Contain Spoilers* In partial 3 of The Bridge sex and genocide continue to be a categorical thesis of a More...

Jimmy Fallon and Morgan Freeman Inhale on Tonight Show [Videos]

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC, Morgan Freeman inhaled helium and Kesha talked about religion, violation into Prince’s..

Kristen Bell Makes Mary Poppins Political [VIDEO]

Kristen Bell has done Mary Poppins domestic in a latest Funny or Die video. The singer donned a outfit of a..

Opel-Badged Chevrolet Volt Killed In Europe

The Opel Ampera, an Opel-badged Chevrolet Volt, will be killed off in Europe due to delayed sales. The Ampera will be.. | Everton set to pointer Besic

London – Everton are set to pointer Muhamed Besic from Ferencvaros after a Bosnia midfielder assimilated a Premier League bar on..

Iraq: Christians Must Convert or Die

Christians in Iraq have been told that they contingency convert, or die. Christianity has been a ancestral sacrament in Iraq for..

Evan Falchuk Giving Malcontents a Voice in Massachusetts

Every election, articulate heads from a accumulation of special interests step brazen and benefaction themselves as eccentric possibilities in sequence to..

Barbie Turns 55 This Year

Barbie incited 55 on March 9 of this year after being presented to a universe on Mar 9th, 1959. In 1956, Ruth and Elliot..